Rehab Services & Amenities

The whole focus of our Short-Term Rehabilitation program is to help our guests heal, recover, and then return to a lower level of care to continue their lives. As such our nurse, caregivers, and therapists who work on the rehab wing are focused solely on helping guests achieve the benchmark health goals they need to meet in order to safely discharge. We think of folks here for rehab more as guests in a hotel than permanent residents, and will make every effort to ensure they feel comfortable during their stay with us.


Roo Lan is proud to have some of the most experienced nurses in the County taking care of our short-term guests 24-hours a day. Some of our nurse’s have been with us more than 30-years and most have more than a decade of experience. Their expertise allows us handle a wide variety of medical conditions and needs.

  • * IV Therapy
  • * Wound Care
  • * Nutritional Support
  • * Catheter Management
  • * Ostomy Care
  • * Tracheotomy
  • * Daily Activities
  • * Transport to Dr. Appointments
  • * Discharge Planning
  • * Relocation Assistance
  • * Social Services
  • * Spiritual Counseling
  • * Group Health
  • * Health Alliance
  • * Humana
  • * Labor & Industries
  • * Sound Path
  • * VA


After a hospital stay or illness, most guests on our rehab wing require some form of structured therapy to return to their original level lifestyle. Our therapy partners at Infinity Rehab are with us working with guests up to 6-days a week to help make that happen. Their specialists in physical, occupational, and speech therapy create custom recovery plans and exercises based on the individual needs and capabilities of each guest. More than 98% of our guests and their families would recommend the Roo Lan rehabilitation program to others.

Physical Therapy

Our talented team of physical therapists focus on helping guests reach their highest level of independent mobility and learn how to prevent injury. Treatments are tailored and may include a variety of techniques from heat and cold, hydrotherapy, and electrical stimulation to massage, joint mobilization and exercise. Training is also available for use of crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and prostheses.

Occupational Therapy

Getting ready to go home may include time with our occupational therapy specialists who work closely with guests to reach their highest level of independence with activities of daily living. guests are actively involved in a variety of therapeutic tasks like dressing, grooming, bathing and eating. Adaptive equipment may be used to enhance or modify performance in personal care, home management, meal preparation and work or leisure activities.

Recreational Therapy

Helping people with illnesses, disabilities and other conditions to use their leisure in ways that enhance their overall wellness and quality of life is the goal of our Recreational Therapy services within the Roo Lan Activity Department. Our staff works closely with nursing and other therapy areas to provide an individualized recreational program for our guests.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our experienced speech and language therapists help guests reach an improved quality of life by assessing language, swallowing and/or cognitive disorders. Services may include exercises to increase language fluency and the functions of thinking and memory and swallowing.