Memory Care

Welcome to Roo Lan Memory Care, a different kind of facility for your loved one and you. When Craig LeVee opened our memory care lodges in the mid 1990’s, he didn’t do so to make money. He did it because he saw a need in our community for a family-focused approach to dementia-care that meant safety for the resident and financial security for the family supporting them. Thanks to his vision Roo Lan continues to balance great quality care with an affordable, fixed-rate approach to pricing that brings peace to the whole family not just our new resident.

Memory Care With a Heart

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Care you Can Afford for The Entire Journey

It’s a familiar story we at Roo Lan hear almost every week. A family admits their loved one to a memory care or retirement community at an affordable price, but as the resident’s Dementia progresses, the cost of their care sky rockets. Pretty soon the family is struggling to afford the care their loved one needs now more than ever. Roo Lan wants to change this pattern of events by offering:

  • A FIXED-RATE CARE PLAN: At Roo Lan your loved one’s care costs are set when they admit to our community. So you won’t suddenly see a massive jump in your monthly expenses just because your loved one now needs help dressing themselves or using the bathroom.
  • NO UPFRONT FEES We don’t want to make the transition to Memory Care any harder than it needs to be on your family financials. We have no application, community, or move in fees associated with new residents.
  • MEDICAID ACCEPTED: If and when a resident’s personal reserves are exhausted and they need to go on Medicaid, we don’t want the family to stress about finding another place for their loved one to live. Resident’s that transfer over to Medicaid can stay with us and continue to enjoy the best of care.