Celebrating Lacey’s 50’th Birthday

  • Lacey 50th Anniversary

This year the City of Lacey is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary and part of the celebrations included the Lacey’s first ever Holiday Light Parade which Roo Lan had to be a part of. Having served the community since 1971, Roo Lan has been a part of Lacey almost as long as their has been a Lacey. We’ve been caring for this community for so long we’ve sometimes taken care of multiple generations of the same family, so we had to send one of our community activity buses to represent in this years festivities. Our Maintenance department worked for days decorating the van with holiday lights, wreaths, and snowflakes. A big thanks to our whole maintenance team for making it happen and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the city we’ve called home for 45 years. Check out the video of the parade below to see our Bus in action and check out Lacey’s Facebook Page to learn more about the celebrations.