Frequently Asked Questions

memory care servicesExamining a community for health care at any level is daunting and involves asking a lot of questions, of which many are unique to you. A great deal of questions however, have been asked before. Below are answers to some common questions regarding care at Roo Lan for both our Memory Care and Skilled-Nursing Communities.

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Memory Care Questions:

* Does Roo Lan Accept New Resident’s on Medicaid?
Roo Lan does have a set number of memory care beds set aside for Medicaid clients. However availability is often limited, and Roo Lan usually has a waitlist of several months for both male and female beds. Contact us to learn about bed availability.

* Do Your Memory Care Buildings have Private Rooms?
Each of our memory care lodges have two private rooms for a total of four. Private rooms are not available to Medicaid clients who must be paired with a roommate. Availability is often limited so if you and your family member are insistent on private lodgings it is best to get on our waitlist as soon as possible.

* Does Roo Lan Accept Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance Plans as Payment?
Roo Lan can work with a great many LTC-plans and insurance companies, however LTC-plans may or may not cover the total cost of your loved ones care on its own. We always have family members sit down with our Financial Services Team prior to admission and review finances to ensure you have a clear understanding of what your options are for funding your loved ones care.

* Do You Accept Smokers Into Your Community?
Roo Lan does accept active smokers as new residents. Our community has a designated smoking area in our secure, courtyard where smokers are free to go at any time if they need to smoke. Smoking residents must demonstrate they still have the cognitive capabilities to smoke safely as we cannot monitor smokers on a 1-to-1 basis and smoking items or lighters are not allowed in the rooms. Smoking residents must ask an aide for their smoking supplies when they wish to smoke.

* Can Resident’s Smoke Marijuana?
At this time, Roo Lan is a Marijuana-Free community and no Marijuana of any type is allowed on the campus.

* Can We Take a Resident Out of Your Community on Trips?
Yes, Roo Lan allows residents to be gone for up to 15-days and we will still hold their bed. Day trips can be made by just informing the nurse when you arrive that you are taking your loved one out for the day. Overnight trips need to be scheduled in advance, talk to the on-duty nurse about scheduling such a trip.

* What is Your Pet Policy?
Roo Lan allows domesticated pets to visit at any time once we have confirmed the animal has been vaccinated. Residents are not allowed to keep pets in their rooms overnight or on a permanent basis unless it is a medically-needed, service animal. Resident’s with pets are also limited to residing only in private rooms. Please give a copy of vaccinations records to the staff.

* What Happens to a Resident When Their Care Needs Exceed the Capacity of Your Memory Care Community?
Roo Lan’s campus includes a dedicated skilled-nursing facility directly across the street from our memory care buildings. Any resident whose needs exceed the care we can offer will be given priority placement for a bed in our nursing facility’s long-term care wing, regardless of their pay type. Families can choose to find another community if they so choose but once a resident comes to Roo Lan we are clinically capable of caring for them all the way through end of life.

Skilled Nursing Questions:

* What Types of Services do You Offer?
We are a family-owned skilled nursing facility specializing in short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, hospice care, and respite stays. Our rehab wing was recently renovated and features private and spacious, semi-private suites. Our long-term care unit houses more than 70 residents in semi-private rooms. Both short and long term residents have access to our therapy and restorative services, in addition to 24-hour nursing care.

* What is Your Rehabilitation Program?
We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy a minimum of 6 days a week through Infinity Rehab. Our team of therapists works with patients both in their rooms, outdoors in our garden area, and in our therapy gym.

* What Insurance Programs do You Accept?
We are certified for both Medicare and Medicaid. In addition, we are a contracting provider for multiple Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) including:

  • Kaiser Permante PPO Only
  • Health Alliance
  • Humana
  • Labor & Industries
  • SoundPath
  • TriCare
  • United Health Care
  • VA-Certified
  • We can accept other HMO’s with Prior Authorization from the provider so long as the resident is aware that they may incur out-of-network costs.

* I’m a Veteran; Does That Mean My Healthcare Would be Covered at Roo Lan Through the VA?
Not necessarily, the Veterans Administration must approve all contracts for care. Check with your VA representative to learn more about what benefits you have.

* When are Visiting Hours?
We always welcome visitors and recommend visiting between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Visitors coming after 8:00 PM will need to be buzzed at the main entrance.

* What Types of Meal Service are Available? Can I Bring in Outside Food?
Our kitchen provides three meals a day and snacks to all residents. We are able to accommodate a wide range of diets, including diabetic/controlled-carbohydrates, low sodium, and dysphagia/soft foods. All rooms on our skilled-rehab wing have dining areas in them and guests are welcome to receive their meals in private. Families are always welcome to bring in favorite foods and snacks and are encouraged to clarify any diet restrictions with nursing staff.

* Are Pets Allowed to Visit?
Yes domestic cats and dogs are allowed to visit, provided they have up-to-date vaccinations and are leashed while in the building. Please give a copy of vaccinations records to the staff.

* Can I join a Resident or Guest for a Meal at Roo Lan?
Yes. Family and friends are welcome to come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a minimal charge. A private dining room can also be reserved for more formal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions.

* Is Smoking Permitted?
Roo Lan permits resident or guests to smoke at designated locations, smokers must be accompanied by a staff member and no smoking items or lighters are allowed in the rooms.

* Does Your Campus Allow People to Smoke Marijuana?
At this time, Roo Lan is a Marijuana-Free community and no Marijuana of any type is allowed on the campus.

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