Roo Lan Launches CNA Training Program

Roo Lan Health Care is excited to announce a new partnership with Simmons & Holliday, a company that’s been training CNAs for more than a decade, to create the Roo Lan CNA Accelerator. A new program that allows aspiring caregivers to go from unemployed, to certified and working for Roo Lan in less than a month!

Here’s How it Works

    1. Apply to the Program: Anyone interested can read up on the requirements and complete the application HERE.
    2. Complete Training at Simmons & Holliday: Classes last 4 weeks, including a 1 week practicum at Roo Lan’s skilled-nursing facility.
    3. Graduate and Get to Work: Graduates are hired directly by Roo Lan upon receiving their certification and can be clocking hours just days after graduating.

This program will not only greatly improve the quality of Roo Lan’s care but give folks with a passion for helping others a real head start on a new career in health care with minimal costs to themselves. If you or someone you know is interesting in launching a career in health care apply with us TODAY.