Get Hired, Trained, Certified, and Working all in 2 Months!

Are you thinking about launching a career in health care? Roo Lan Health Care’s CNA Training Program, the CNA Accelerator, offers qualified applicants the ability to get trained, certified as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), and working at Roo Lan inside of 8-weeks! We pay for your training and certification, all you have to bring is your enthusiasm for helping others.

Candidates We’re Looking For Have:

  • A genuine passion and interest in caring for others
  • Can pass a Criminal Background Check and Tuberculosis test
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a good communicator and can read, write, and understand English
  • Must have prior job experience of some kind and be able to provide character references
  • Second language and prior caregiver experience a plus

So How does this CNA Training Program Work??

Step 1: Apply to the Program

Apply to this program or an open Home Care Aide (HCA) position. You can read the complete job description for CNAs HERE, and HCAs HERE. Qualified candidates will go through the entire interview process, including criminal background and Tuberculosis checks. Selected applicants will be offered a position at Roo Lan pending their graduation from ProCare Academy. This program is for those interested in full-time work only. Roo Lan Health Care does not pay you wages during training but does cover the cost of ProCare’s tuition. HCAs hired on at Roo Lan can apply for the CNA Bridge Program after being employed for 90-days with satisfactory performance. HCA’s must also provide a letter of intent and  recommendations from their supervisor to be sponsored for this 24-hour-long course.

Step 2: Complete Your Training At ProCare Academy

Begin your training program at our partner ProCare Academy. ProCare has a proven track record of preparing it’s student’s for entry-level CNA positions. The class is kept to a minimum to ensure plenty of individual instruction. Please note that neither the CNA training program and their HCA Bridge Program are online programs. Both require onsite training at ProCare’s Olympia campus, see ProCare’s class schedule for details. Training includes a practicum at Roo Lan Health Care itself where you’ll get familiar with the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of your new job.

Step 3: Graduate and Begin Your New Career

Graduate from ProCare and receive your official Nursing Aid Registered (NAR) certification. From there you can begin working at Roo Lan Health Care and make a difference in the lives of people everyday. New NARs have 120-days from the start of work at Roo Lan to take and pass the state exam and become official CNAs. Roo Lan will cover the cost of one CNA Exam attempt.



Sounds Interesting to You? Complete the Application below. Roo Lan is not currently running any students through the program right now, but qualified candidates will be contacted when a new slot opens up.