Staff Development / Infection Control Nurse

Are you interested in joining a team of care givers who have been making a difference in people’s lives for more than 40 years? Roo Lan is seeking to add a Staff Development and Infection to handle staff education and infection work at our skilled-nursing facility. This position is also responsible for the assignment and direction of healthcare efforts by all staff during their particular 8-hour shift.

Reports to: Director of Nurses, Administrator

Qualifications: Licensed Nurse, Washington State. Computer literacy skills. Demonstrates knowledge of state and federal regulations specifically in the healthcare field. Demonstrates knowledge of educational requirements. Demonstrates telephone and customer service skills.

Location: Lacey, WA

Job skills:

  • Knowledge of State, federal, and facility regulations and policies and procedures regarding staff development.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and cooperate with residents, caregivers, and staff; and personnel from community agencies.
  • High quality computer/word processing skills.
  • Demonstrates quality communications with supervisors, staff members, residents, and families.
  • Possesses high quality organizational skills.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Organizes and conducts orientation for new employees.
  • Performs evaluation of competency and training of new, non-permanent, per-diem, and leased employees.
  • Provides clinical supervision to staff members for new skills as needed.
  • Develops in-services based on staff’s learning needs.
  • Works with nursing administration to keep staff up to date on changing regulations and standards of care.
  • Provides orientation for agency and temporary staff members.
  • Collaborates with staff to maintain documentation standards.
  • Promotes awareness of legal issues related to nursing care.
  • Maintains and updates a library of in-service and training resources.
  • Schedules and announces in-services upon approval by the Director of Nursing:
    1. Posts announcements for in-services by the employee time clock and the break room at least one full week before the scheduled learning activity.
    2. Indicates which in-services are mandatory.
    3. Schedules mandatory in-services at times convenient for staff, such as on a pay day near the end of day shift, or at the end of evening shift.
    4. If the in-service cannot be given to night shift, provide a video of the in-service for viewing on that shift.
  • Ensures that all staff members attending in-services enter on the sign- in sheet for the activity, their name, the date, and their department.
  • Maintains records of attendance for each in-service.
  • Maintains records of in-services attendance for each employee.
  • Conducts the in-services using simple learning objectives, supplemented by outlines or handouts.
  • Promotes an environment that best facilitates learning.
  • Encourages questions, participation, and feedback from staff members during learning activities.
  • Conducts a pre-test and post-test for each in-service to assess the effectiveness of the learning activity.
  • Provides annual in-services at least once per year on a variety of educational topics.
  • Provides in-services when needed as indicated by the Director of Nursing.
  • Participates in the facility’s quality of care committees and meeting:
    1. Pain Care Committee
    2. Restraints Committee
    3. Safety Committee
    4. Medical Director’s Meeting
    5. Quality Assurance Committee
  • Infection Control Director – Tracks and administer’ s new hire and annual TB tests and HepB vaccinations and influenza vaccinations.
  • Assist in updating Policy and Procedures and Nursing Policies.

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To Apply: Please complete the following application and attach a current resume