Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Are you interested in joining a team of veteran caregivers who have been making a difference in the lives of people in Lacey for more than 40 years? Roo Lan is seeking to add a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to assist our residents at our Lacey campus. The CNA provides direct care to residents for the activities of daily living, this will include some medical care.

Accountability: All CNAs report directly to the Supervising Nurse

Salary/Compensation: Compensation rate is dependent on experience and qualifications.

Education: Complete CNA Class and receives certification in the State of Washington. Current CPR Certification. Past experience as a caregiver in some capacity.

Schedule: Multiple Shifts Open Including:

  • Evening Shift: 2:30 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Night Shift: 11:00 PM – 7:30 AM

Benefits Include:

  • Medical benefits including medical, dental, & vision
  • Paid sick and vacation time
  • Company 401k Retirement Plan
  • Free Life Insurance
  • Mentor Program
  • Access To Public Transportation
  • We Promote from Within

CNA Specific Benefits: Roo Lan recognizes that being a CNA is a uniquely challenging occupation, but one of vital importance to the world of health care and wants to ensure that our CNA’s aren’t just compensated for their services but want to grow as a care giver with us.

  • Training & Skill Enhancement Raises: CNA’s have the opportunity to complete 3 distinct training programs within their first 12-months at Roo Lan. Each successfully completed course grants a $0.25 per hours raise.
  • We Promote From Within: We recognize that many CNA’s have educational goals extending beyond their current roles. We work with you on school scheduled and shift coverage and prioritize filling LPN and RN positions to staff members completing their studies.

Equipment Used: Blood Pressure Gauge, Thermometer, Wheelchair, Mechanical Lift Devices, and Gait Belt.

Environment: Inside 98%, Outside 2%

Duties and Responsibilities: Except as specifically noted, the following functions are considered essential to this position. Assistance may range from total, to partial, to stand by depending upon physical and cognitive ability of resident.

  1. Assist resident in and out of bed and char/wheelchair with the correct use of the transfer belt (gait Belt). May require the assistance of another aide, depending on weight and physical abilities of residents.
  2. Assist residents in bathing as assigned.
  3. Assist residents in dressing or undressing. Fold or hang clean items and place soiled items in hamper (family laundry) or lined barrel (facility laundry).
  4. Assist residents in using bathroom and peri care. May be required to provide, remove and clean bedpans, urinals and bedside commodes.
  5. Take vital signs of residents, e.g., temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate, weight, and record information.
  6. Assist residents to dining area for meals or provide meals in room, as resident prefers. May be required to assist in tray setup and feeding of residents and documenting intake of nourishment. Serve between meal nourishment and assist as needed. Record amount eaten. Except when contraindicated, maintain clean pitcher and cup or fresh water at bedside of each resident.
  7. Remove soiled bedding and replace with clean linens as needed.
  8. Assist in personal grooming of residents, e.g., brushing teeth, hair, trimming finger/toe nails, monitor general hygiene, and assist as needed to ensure residents are clean and neat.
  9. If resident is unable to reposition self, aide may be required to turn and reposition self, aide may be required to turn and reposition resident intermittently.
  10. May be required to clean equipment such as bedpans and basins and empty catheter bags.
  11. Maintain each bedside unit in near and orderly condition. Clean table surfaces as needed. Store personal items such as dentures, eyeglasses, combs, brushes in sanitary and convenient manner.
  12. Make continuous observations of housekeeping and maintenance needs, e.g., broken fixtures, burned out light bulbs, soiled, floors/curtains, and report promptly.
  13. Maintain all service areas in clean and orderly condition.
  14. Assist in assuring the maximum quality of life for all residents by maintaining privacy, accommodating individual preference, promoting independence, encouraging and assisting participation in facility activities/events, and communicating respectfully at all times.
  15. Respond to call lights promptly. Keep call light within reach of non-ambulatory resident when unattended.
  16. Maintain continuous communication with team leader. Participate in report; communicate all changes and unusual observation concerning resident’s physical and psycho-social functioning.
  17. Attend unit meetings as scheduled, all mandatory in-services and optional in-services per individual needs and interest, for a total of at least 12 hours annually. Outside educational offerings may be substituted for optional in-service hours by providing proof of attendance. Mandatory in-services cannot be substituted.
  18. Other duties as assigned by the nursing Supervisor within the area of your practice.

Location: Aberdeen, WA

Have Questions?? Please contact Kevin Olney, at kolney@roolan.com

To Apply: Please complete the following application and attach a current resume