Dietary Aide

Are you interested in joining a team of veteran caregivers who have been making a difference in the lives of people in Lacey for more than 40 years? Roo Lan is seeking to add a Dietary Assistant to our team to assist in the preparation and functioning of the kitchen.

Accountability: Dietary Aides work under the supervision of the on-shift cooks and the Dietary Manager.

Shift: 1:00 PM AM-9:00 PM

Qualifications: Must obtain food handler’s permit within 30 days of employment. Speak and comprehend oral and written communications in English. Prior experience in a commercial kitchen a plus.

Salary/Compensation: Compensation rates dependent on qualifications and experience of applicant. To be negotiated during interview process.

Location: Lacey, WA

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Experience working in a commercial kitchen environment.
  2. Must be able to read dietary cards and set up trays accordingly.
  3. Dietary Aide pours cold cereals into bowls and labels/dates them.
  4. Capable of preparing desserts and snack trays.
  5. Familiar with proper sanitation protocols regarding the handling of dishes, equipment, and food.
  6. General cleanliness and capacity to maintain an organized work space.

Job Skills:

  1. The Dietary Aide on PM Shift begins duty by preparing items for the next schedules meal and snack trays.
  2. Prepare, label, and date sandwiches. Pour, date, and cap juices before putting them in refrigerator. Pour cold cereals and label and date them.
  3. Place thickened liquids, health shakes, and beverages on trays 30-minutes prior to meal time.
  4. The Dietary Aide follows the Cook’s instructions regarding the placement of condiments on assigned trays.
  5. Following meal times dishes are to be properly washed, dried, and returned to proper storage locations.
  6. The Dietary Aide washed down tray carts and re-sets them for the next meal.
  7. Clean the kitchen area at the closing of the day including, sweeping/mopping the floors, dirty linens taken to laundry, garbage taken out, and snacks taken to the nurse’s station.
  8. Performing securing sweep of kitchen before clocking out ensuring all doors leading to the kitchen area are closed and locked.

Have Questions?? Please contact Wendy Berry, at

To Apply: Please complete the following application and attach a current resume