A 4-Star Experience


Our Skilled-Nursing Facility Has Decades of Experience Helping Other’s Recover

When faced with a long road to recovery after a sickness or injury, there are a lot of questions to consider. Where should I go for rehab? What program is best for me? Who do I trust? Roo Lan’s been the answer to families and patients faced with these questions for almost 50 years.

4-STAR MEDICARE RATED: Not only is Roo Lan a 4-Star facility on Medicare.gov as of our last survey, but we have been 4-stars or better for many years now. This demonstrates the high quality of care our staff consistently provides our residents.

EXPERIENCED CAREGIVERS: Our owner Mr. Craig LeVee is a firm believer in the idea that the best people give the best care. To that end we have spent a lot of time developing and retaining a great team of nurses and caregivers. Many of our caregivers have been with us for decades and some have worked at Roo Lan for more than 30 years.

DEDICATED REHABILITATION WING: Healing is hard enough without being in a room you hate. Roo Lan’s Rehab wing offers expansive, private and semi-private suites designed to offer all the comforts of home while giving you the care you need to heal. Amenities include free WiFi, TV Lounges with recliners, and private dining areas for guests and their families.

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Premium Memory Care, Without the Premium Price


The average cost of memory care in Washington is $100,000 a year, but not at Roo Lan.

Roo Lan’s owners recognized that the ballooning cost of health care was placing families in Western Washington in a difficult position. Many cannot afford a standard 2-year contract in a secure memory care community and are still months (if not years) away from qualifying for Medicaid. This service gap means many families would have no alternative but to try and manage their loved ones at home, an emotionally draining and potentially dangerous prospect. Determined to help, Roo Lan redeveloped our Memory Care plan to make it as affordable as possible without compromising care.

NO CARE LEVELS: Care levels at other communities place a great deal of uncertainty on families in terms of just how much care for their loved one will actually cost. It is not uncommon elsewhere for monthly fees to double over time: as a resident ages and requires more help, most facilities increase the cost of care. Roo Lan offers a Fixed-Rate for our residents, so the cost of care itself will never go up in the event mom/dad needs more assistance.

9-MONTH CONTRACTS: At most facilities, families need to prepare to have adequate financial resources that will last for at least 2 years before applying for Medicaid assistance. That is usually well over $150,000! Roo Lan, on the other hand, allows residents and their families to transition to Medicaid any time after the initial nine months of residency have passed.

MEDICAID FRIENDLY: Once our residents qualify financially for Medicaid there are no hidden “strings” attached. We take care of everything to ensure a smooth, painless shift in finances.

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A Locally Owned Community


We’ve Been Caring for The Resident’s of Thurston County for More than 45 Years.

Roo Lan first opened it’s doors in 1971, since then we have cared for multiple generations of Thurston County residents. Though health care has changed a great deal in the nearly half century we’ve been operating here in Lacey, our approach to care and ownership hasn’t changed.

WE’RE FAMILY RUN: Mr. Craig LeVee, the current owner, took over ownership of Roo Lan in 1985. He is still actively involved in the community to this day. Being family owned eliminates a a great deal of bureaucratic red-tape, ensuring we can focus more on what’s best for our guests and residents.

WE’RE VETERAN FRIENDLY: Roo Lan is the only VA-Certified skilled-nursing community in Thurston County, and we have a deep connection with the armed services. Our owner, Mr. LeVee, is a Vietnam War veteran and he deeply believes in helping those who’ve served our country however we can.

WE’RE HIGHLY INVOLVED: More than 45 years in the same town brings with it a degree of community involvement, and Roo Lan has been actively supporting seniors and the programs that help them well after they leave our campus. We’re an active member of many senior, focused organizations in the area including the South Sound Alzheimer’s Council and the Senior Action Network.

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