Roo Lan Survives May 4th Super Storm

Roo Lan’s campus was hit very hard by the severe series of thunderstorms that stormed through the region on May 4th. Leaving loads of downed trees and powerless houses in it’s wake.

Our own campus suffered tornado force winds and a deluge of rain. The result was multiple downed trees all over campus and flooded courtyards. Power was knocked out in all our buildings and Carpenter Rd SE was blocked by multiple pine trees, some that had once stood hundreds of feet tall. Although the facilities on our campus escaped with only minor, cosmetic damage some of our neighbors weren’t so fortunate, and had branches and in one terrible case a whole pine tree collapsed onto their house. Thankfully no one was hurt and all our residents remained safe for the entire ordeal. The Olympia branch of Puget Sound energy restored power to our campus by Saturday afternoon and all our staff pulled extra shifts and long hours to clear the grounds and keep our residents safe. A big thank you to all our staff who stayed professional despite the extraordinary nature of this crisis.